Smooth transition journey

At some point in your life…

  • have you ever found yourself at a crossroads facing several paths?
  • was status quo or a turnaround no option?
  • was the only way forward?

Or, maybe you are at that crossroads at work or in life NOW.

As soon as you’ll lay one step ahead, you’ll start a transition.

Anyone who went through a transition of some kind in the past knows how bumpy and uncomfortable the road is:

  • the security of the past fades away while the success of the future is still a big question mark;
  • we leave our past identity as we move on while the outline of our new shape is still blurry.

I went through several transitions myself: from starting anew abroad to career shifts. I felt anxious, frustrated,… as everyday life felt disrupted.

The transition journey is painful, yet essential.

With the right assets, it can become successful and deeply fulfilling.

As a professional certified coach, I’m your trusted ally and partner. Together, we’ll make this challenge a rewarding and transformative experience.

Which best describes your situation?

Initiator of the transition


Have you already decided to change direction but:

  • you do not know where to start?
  • the fear of the unknown holds you back?
  • the chances it will bring to your life are too daunting?

Do you have a clear idea of an activity you would like to do but need a safe place to explore and exchange on it?

Involuntary transition


Are you about to lose your job due to position/department relocation or company closing down and it’s urgent for you to figure out what’s next professionally?


Do you have to leave your current employment due to an unexpected event and need to reinvent the way you work as a result?

If this resonates, this means you’re about to enter a transition phase.

Transitions, whether forced upon or initiated by you, are difficult and unsettling.

Yet, they are beneficial in many ways:

Encourage personal growth;

Promote resilience;

Provide opportunities for self-reflection;

Increase adaptability;

Offer new possibilities.

Nadege Morin
To maximize your success of a transition, you need to do it right! You need to prepare for it!

Would you go on holiday abroad unprepared? Would you leave with no suitcase, no local currency, no accommodation as you plan to figure it out once you’re there? How would you feel during your journey to this unknown destination?

My guess is that the answer to these questions is not a positive one. Preparation reduces the uncertainty and costs of change.

If you don’t prepare adequately:

  1. You’ll experience excessive stress and anxiety;
  2. You’ll face unexpected financial difficulties;
  3. You’ll miss opportunities;
  4. You won’t get the appropriate support and understanding from family and friends;
  5. Your confidence and self-esteem will decrease.

Unprepared transitions may have a negative impact on your mental and physical health.

“Empower yourself by consciously choosing the path that aligns with your goals and values.”

How does it work?

Embark on a smooth transition journey!

On the first introductory session, we’ll clarify your goal, your unique needs and priorities. We’ll decide on the best way to reach your destination.

On each following session, we set to work on your established objective. You’ll decide on the topic you wish to explore in regards to the transition you’re going through.

At the end of the session, you’ll feel energised, enthusiastic. You’ll go home with better clarity. Agreed action steps will get you closer to your destination.

The 3-month program


A 90-minute introductory session to clarify your objective, unique needs and priorities

8 Sessions

90 minutes one-on-one sessions

12 weeks of email support for ongoing accountability and in-the-moment-coaching

Activities to complement and reinforce mindset work between sessions

Pricing tailored to your unique requirements

positive outcomes

Reduced stress and anxiety;

Smooth adjustment;

Increased confidence and resilience;

Expanded opportunities;

Enhanced personal development;

Improved decision-making;

Tools necessary to navigate future transitions effectively.



I had the opportunity to attend the Ikigai training with Nadège.
Thank you so much for this experience that was both interesting and enriching!
I learned a lot about myself and it helped me find my new entrepreneurial project.
Nadège is a true motivation booster!
She listens and makes it a point of honor for us to leave her feeling happy and fulfilled.
Thanks again!

Elise Habbassi – Digital Marketing Coach
(Translated from French)



With Nadège, I identified that my personal and deep values were not in line with the values inherited from my parents. I realized that I was replicating my parents’ behaviors in the workplace, towards myself and others. Thanks to this revelation (a profound emotion), I understood the source of my discomfort, and I was able to take action to align myself and no longer feel torn.
Nadège’s coaching was carried out with a lot of gentleness and respect. She is very pleasant and available, and I made significant progress. Thank you for that.

(Translated from French)


I found this Ikigai methodology very interesting and powerful.
At the end of the program, I felt legitimate in what I could offer to others.
Nadège is cheerful, enthusiastic, and encouraging. She actively listens and is non-judgmental.
Although the sessions are intense, following this program re-energized me.

Corinne – Teacher
(Translated from French)